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What to Wear to a Sunday Brunch in Spring

No matter the season, there’s one thing that you can’t deny: Sunday brunch is a must. Especially as it gets a bit warmer out, it’s practically a weekend requirement. This spring, be the talking point of your brunch squad, with an outfit they’ll want to steal. Keep reading for 3 outfit ideas incorporating our latest spring collection. 

Outfit Spotlight: Cashmere Cardigan

If there’s two things we love here at INHABIT, it’s cashmere and cardigans. That’s why nearly every season, we try to add an updated, on-trend, cozy-as-can-be cardigan to the mix. Meet the newest cardigan in our spring collection: our 100% Cashmere Cardigan. Read on to find out more about our best-seller, and why you need to incorporate this piece into your everyday style.

3 Fabulous Fabrics For Spring

Spring has finally sprung. This means it’s time to shed some layers and stock up on spring-ready fabrics. Here, we dive into our top three spring fabric choices: Cashmere, Cotton and Linen, why we love each one, plus some of our favorite items for each. See how you can incorporate each unique fabric into your new spring mix.

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